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Local Grass Fed Beef

Grass Fed, Grass Finished

We are proud to have partnered with 3T Ranch, a local family owned and operated ranch located in Franktown Colorado.  

3T produces 100% grass-fed, grass-finished beef that NEVER receives antibiotics or hormones.  Their beef offers a rich, full flavor that you can only get from pasture grazed and finished cattle that are NEVER confined to a feedlot.

Benefits of Pasture-Based Ranching:

1. Ensures the Best Beef Flavor.

2. Ensures Quality of Life for the Animal.

3. Helps Restore the Natural Ecosystems.

4. Reduces Reliance on Petrochemicals.

5. Improves the Soil with Organic Matter.

6. Reduces Greenhouse Gasses.

Learn More

The 3T Family is happy to introduce you to their ranch and cattle.  Visit their website to learn more about how this beautiful family owned ranch operates. 

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The Cattle

Born & Raised

All cattle are born and raised on the 3T Ranch.  This allows the Eaton Family to actively monitor and center the operation around the health of their animals.  


The cattle at the 3T Ranch are fed only grass and forage from waning until harvest.  Unlike, other grass-fed cattle, 3T Ranch NEVER confines their cattle at a feedlot while being processed.  

Antibiotic & Hormone Free

Unlike most grass-fed ranches, the cattle at 3T Ranch are NEVER treated with antibiotics or growth hormones.  

Health Benefits to You

3T Ranch Grass-Fed Beef is low in fat and calories and is a heart-healthy beef.  The beef from 3T Ranch is lean and contains a high percentage of good fats as well as antioxidants, vitamins and minerals.  

American Grassfed Association

As member-producers of the AGA, 3T Ranch must employ standards in the cattle's diet, confinement, medical care and must ensure the animal's lineage is from a US based family ranch.

Coming Soon

3T Ranch Beef will be available in our fresh and frozen case within the next couple of weeks.