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Wheat Ridge Poultry & Meats

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Fresh case


Visit our Virtual Butcher to learn more about the beef cuts in our fresh case.


Visit our Virtual Butcher to learn more about the pork cuts in our fresh case.  


Visit our Virtual Butcher to learn more about the poultry cuts in our fresh case.

Bacon Case

Original Bacon

Thick Cut and Full of Flavor.  Excellent on a BLT, with a side of eggs or on its own.  

Black Pepper Bacon

Add a bit of black pepper bacon to your next BLT.  Thick Cut and just a touch of heat from the pepper.

Jalapeno Bacon

Just the right amount of spice.  We've been told our Jalapeno Bacon is addicting so please purchase with caution.

Sugar Free Bacon

Uncured and Sugar Free, this bacon is excellent for anyone one watching their sugar levels.  

Exotic Sausages

Wild Boar, Elk, Venison and more wrapped in perfectly in a fully cooked summer sausage.  

Hot Dogs & Sausage

All Beef Hots, Pepperoni, Hot Links and Uncured Kielbasa round out our bacon case.  These are a must for your next BBQ.  

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our local, small business suppliers

The Real Dill

Sweet Action Ice Cream

Mama Montoya's

La Casita Tamales

The Village Pie Maker

Cream City Market

Eggs & Diary


Farm Fresh from a local farm in Platteville.  Delivered fresh weekly.  Brown and White options available.  All-Natural and Cage Free.

Morning Fresh Milk

Delivered twice weekly from a local farm in Bellvue Colorado.  All-Natural.  Cows are breed and raised on their farm and never given hormones to increase milk production.  


What can you say?  Butter makes everything better.  Available in individual sticks or by the pound.  

Sour Cream

Daisy Brand Sour Cream.

Noosa Yoghurt

All-Natural, Noosa Yoghurt available in a variety of flavors.  

In Store Pickup or home delivery



USDA Inspected and Humanely Raised in the Colorado Mountains.  Processed at our location to offer a wide variety of cuts and sausages.  


USDA Inspected and Farm Raised.  Variety of cuts, ground meat and sausages.


USDA Inspected and Farm Raised.  Enjoy a variety of sausages and ground meat.  


Raised in Colorado and USDA Inspected.  Yak offers a taste similar to buffalo.  Very lean cuts and jerky are available. 

Wild Boar & More

We offer a wide selection of farm raised, USDA inspected exotic ground meat and sausages.    Visit our online store or stop in today.  

USDA Inspected, Farm Raised

All exotic meat must be USDA Inspected and Farm Raised.   The exotic products we offer follow these guidelines and are verified by our Health Inspector.  

In The Freezer


We offer a variety of lamb cuts in our freezer section.  Racks, Legs, Loins and more.  


We've included a great assortment of frozen vegetables to help make a complete meal. 

Pasta & Meatballs

Make a quick meal with our growing variety of frozen pastas and meatballs.  

Oxtails & Short Ribs

Oxtails and Short Ribs are available in our freezer section.  Both offer a rich beef flavor that goes great with any soup or braised meal.  

Homemade Sausages

Don't foregt to try one of our Award Winning Sausages.  From Jalapeno Cheddar Bratwurst to Andouille, we are sure to have a flavor to meet your needs.  

Turkey, Capon & Duck

We offer frozen turkeys, capons and ducks year round.  All-Natural and No Hormones.  

we also carry raw pet food